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Ceramic tile suppliers in Dubai and Sharjah

For ceramic tile suppliers in Dubai, a diverse array of sizes awaits your selection. From compact 30×30 cm tiles to expansive options like 160×320 cm, our inventory caters to various project needs. Whether you seek standard sizes such as 60×60 cm or unique dimensions like 20×120 cm, our offerings ensure versatility and adaptability for any space. With options ranging from 80×80 cm to 120×270 cm, we provide solutions for both small-scale projects and grand installations. Explore our collection to find the perfect ceramic tiles for your Dubai project.

Ceramic tile suppliers in Sharjah

When seeking ceramic tile suppliers in Dubai, it’s worth noting that many prominent tile stores are conveniently situated in the Sajaa industrial area of Sharjah. This central location makes it easily accessible for customers across Dubai and beyond to explore a diverse range of tile options. Whether you’re in search of specific sizes like 30×60 cm or larger formats such as 120×260 cm, these stores offer an extensive selection to meet various project requirements. For further details and personalized assistance, feel free to contact us at +971564305251. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to ensure your tiling needs are met with excellence.

How can i get a tile sample

our esteemed ceramic tile store awaits your visit in the vibrant Sajaa industrial area of Sharjah, just a stone’s throw away from Dubai. With a vast selection of tile sizes ranging from 30×30 cm to 160×320 cm, we cater to diverse project needs and design preferences. Our showroom provides a welcoming environment for customers to explore our extensive range of ceramic tiles firsthand. To ensure a seamless experience and to arrange for sample viewing, we kindly request contacting our dedicated sales team at +971564305251 prior to your visit. Allow us to assist you in bringing your vision to life with quality ceramic tiles. For precise directions, please click on the following link: Map Location. We look forward to serving you soon.

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