Bathroom with Luxurious Black Matte Fixtures from Etihad Souq

Find the epitome of luxury with our exclusive collection of black matte bathroom fixtures available at Etihad Souq. Our exquisite range combines elegance with functionality, bringing sophistication to your bathroom space. Explore the unique features of our Wall-hung Closet (DB-201) and 24′ Pedestal Basin (DB-503) that redefine the standards of opulence.

The Contemporary Charm of Black Matte Unveil the modern allure of black matte finishes in bathroom design. Our DB-201 Wall-hung Closet and DB-503 Pedestal Basin seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with timeless sophistication, creating a stunning focal point for your bathroom.

Wall hung closet: DB-201 Wall-hung Closet – A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship Immerse yourself in the luxury of our wall-hung closet. The DB-201 model boasts a sleek design with dimensions of 520x360x320mm, crafted from high-quality vitreous china. Its P-trap and 180mm roughing-in make it a versatile and stylish addition to any bathroom space.

Pedastal wash basin: DB-503 Pedestal Basin – Elegance in Every Detail Experience the grandeur of our 24′ Pedestal Basin, the DB-503. Measuring 610x475x850mm, this vitreous china basin exudes opulence. The fixing for wall with back ensures stability and adds a touch of refinement to your bathroom decor.

Elevate Your Space with Etihad Souq’s Luxury Collection At Etihad Souq, we curate a selection of luxury bathroom fixtures to elevate your living spaces. Our commitment to quality and aesthetics shines through in every detail, ensuring your bathroom becomes a haven of style and comfort.

Unparalleled Quality in Every Piece Our black matte WC and wash basin collection stands as a testament to unparalleled quality. Each piece is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, promising durability and sophistication for years to come.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury with Etihad Souq’s exclusive black matte fixtures. Explore the DB-201 Wall-hung Closet and DB-503 Pedestal Basin to witness the fusion of modern design and timeless elegance. Elevate your living spaces with our luxury collection – because your home deserves the best.

Visit Etihad Souq to explore our complete range of luxury bathroom fixtures.

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