Europroof DPC 421 damp proof course



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Feature Description
Product Name EuroProof DPC 421
Type Heavy-duty bituminous damp proof membrane
Function Provides a barrier against moisture/water ingress from the ground to the structure
Manufacturing Origin Made in UAE
Available Sizes – 200mm x 3mm x 10m
– 250mm x 3mm x 10m
– 300mm x 3mm x 10m
Material Bituminous (Bitumen-based)
Usage Suitable for applications requiring heavy-duty damp proofing
Installation Can be easily installed using standard construction practices
Durability Designed for long-lasting performance in challenging conditions
Versatility Applicable for various structures and construction projects
Compliance Meets industry standards for damp proofing membranes
UV Resistance Provides resistance against UV degradation
Flexibility Offers flexibility for ease of installation
Temperature Range Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
Packaging Comes in rolls for convenient handling and application
Applications Foundations, basements, walls, and other areas susceptible to moisture penetration
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