EUROBUILD WallGuard WB 509 Wall Protection Penetrative Sealer



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Feature Description
Product Name EUROBUILD WallGuard WB 509 Wall Protection Penetrative Sealer
Origin Made in UAE
Packaging 25L
Composition Single component clear, transparent liquid
Suitable Surfaces Stone, bricks, concrete, masonry, plaster walls
Function Surface penetrative protective treatment
Water Repellence Provides excellent water repellency
Resistance Resistant to rainwater
Transparency Colourless, clear transparent liquid
Protective Qualities Prevents water penetration, carbonation, chloride and sulfur dioxide penetration
Substrate Breathability Allows breathing of the substrate
Protection Durability Long-lasting, resistant to UV attack
Application Surfaces Concrete, block works, brick, precast concrete, plastered surfaces
Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Lining Penetrates and forms a hydrophobic and oleophobic lining to capillaries
Additional Protection Protects against carbonation and vapor infiltration
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