EuroTile lm2 – 614 unleashing superior bonding excellence fixing glass mosaics



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Aspect Description
Application Thickness Apply EuroTile LM2 mortar to a uniform thickness of 2-3 mm on the substrate, working on an area of not more than 1m2 at a time. Solid bed fixing is recommended for horizontal applications, and a toothed trowel should be used for vertical applications.
Trowel Recommendation Utilize a toothed trowel with 6 mm notches at 25 mm center-to-center spacing. Comb horizontally to remove excess adhesive.
Tile Placement Technique Place the tile, press it firmly, and smooth it carefully for even mortar distribution. A secure bond is achieved when the tile does not slide.
Pre-installation Soaking Compulsory soak the substrate and tiles prior to installations for improved coverage and open time.
Open Time at 35°C The open time of EuroTile LM2 mortar at 35°C is approximately 30 minutes. Prepare only the surface that can be tiled within this time frame.
Primer Application For enhanced adhesion, apply EuroBond AR primer on Gypsum/Cement board before tile installations.
Packing Information 26 Kg Kit: EuroTile LM2 Part A (25 Kg Bag) + EuroTile LM2 Part B Liquid Additive (1 Kg Bottle). EuroTile LM2 Part B is an Acrylic Latex emulsion with specialty additives, enhancing adhesion, bonding strength, plasticity, and water resistance.
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